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Our Maico engines 500, 620 and 685 ccm have been developed further for Supermoto-, sidecar- and Quad-application by tuning specialist Hermann Walgenbach. Our engines feature light weight, small fitting length at maximal power output and extreme capacity. They can be installed in all Maico motorbikes and in current sidecar- and quad-carriages without any problems.
The types 250 and 320 ccm are prepared for high power, made with different modifications in the last years.
All engines 250, 320, 500, 620 and 685 ccm will fit all Maico frames from 1985 till today. And also with small modifications in 1983-1984 frames. It is also possible to deliver them with aircooled cylinders.

So it is your choice to give your Maico model modern power and quality in your old model frame...

All prices mean engines including hydraulic clutch using. but without carburator, ignition system , kick start lever and gear lever. All these parts you can order here .

MAICO Engines 2023

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